Book Tara To Speak At Your Next Conference Or Special Event

If you’re searching for a great storyteller that will engage your audience with high energy, serious business expertise and a TON of great CONTENT to help small business owners prosper, look no further! Tara speaks on the power of a one to many business model, how to add group programs to your small business strategy, the power of alignment in business, and income acceleration through designing and delivering workshops and coaching programs.

Tara is an expert group program coach and designer and has spoken at hundreds of workshops and events over the past 12 years to audiences that range from 10 to 500.  So whether you want a 45 – minute keynote or a full day workshop, Tara will teach and share her business growth strategies and expertise in a simple, experiential and entertaining way.

Here is a partial list of topics:

How To Add An Additional 20% To Your Revenue Right Now Learn how using assessment tools in your business can create an additional stream of income quickly, easily and at no cost to you.

What You Ought to Know…About The Workshop and Event Business For every reason to have a workshop or event there are 3 reasons not to. Are you doing it for the right reasons?

Is Your Presentation Style Chasing Your Customers Away? Learn how to develop a presentation style that attracts clients to you like am magnet and the secret strategies to adapt to your customer “in the moment” and make the sale.

Five Major Obstacles To Avoid When Designing a Certification Program Your certification program will either significantly boost your business to a whole new level or drastically drain your bank account. Discover how to steer clear of major problems when designing your train the trainer or certification program.

So You Think You Want to Start a Coaching Program? Find out the 7 huge mistakes that business owners make when coaching others that can destroy their reputation and how to avoid them.

How To Design Your First Workshop and Launch It In 30 Days! 10 steps to designing and delivering your first workshop in the next 30 days.

8 Critical Steps To Designing a Business You’ll Fall Madly in Love With A simple guide for building a business that aligns with your deepest vision and values and creates the lifestyle that you’ve imagined.

Secrets To Creating Surprising Business Success in 90 Days How to design your personal 90-day acceleration blueprint to have maximum impact and income in minimum time!

The Leader’s Journey – From Mindset to Impact Make startling discoveries about the personal behaviors you don’t realize are holding you back and gain the focus and resolve to change them.

If you would like to book Tara for your next workshop or live event please contact Jessica Granish, assistant extraordinaire at Jessica@tarameansbusiness.com or 720-295-3302.