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Small Business Strategic Planning Workshop

Are you ready to build a workshop to potentially make 10x, 20x even 50x more per hour than you currently are making?

Workshops can help you to work less hours and make multiple times more income than you are today. If you have traditionally been using a one to one business model (you make your money by meeting with one person at a time), this new model of getting your message out to multiple people at once will be a huge boost to your business!

Workshops can offer amazing benefits to your clients by focusing on new knowledge, skills or abilities they can use to transform their business, health, wealth or life. In workshops, your clients get immediate feedback and TONS more value than other teaching methods such as teleseminars, webinars and at home study courses.

It’s important to both your business growth and your reputation that you put together a workshop that gets results and inspires REAL change.

When designing your 1st workshop, planning is KEY. You must know what your clients are looking for, what they need to learn to close the gap between where they are today and where they want to be in the future.

What is the pain or challenge your clients are experiencing that your workshop will alleviate?

You also need to know your clients level of knowledge on the subject. Doing research such as interviews, surveys and questionnaires that supports your workshop objectives, content and exercises is invaluable.

Key tips you need to know when designing your 1st workshop:

  1. Identify the need. Once you are crystal clear on the need, you’ll be able to design your workshop objectives and outcomes based need and what’s in it for them (WIFM).
  2. Determine workshop outcomes. What positive and transformational results can participants expect by attending your workshop?
  3. Outline your workshop content, activities, pre-work, follow up, etc. Create a timed schedule of the various sections of the workshop in sequence.  Design activities that are as close to “real life” situations as possible. Be sure that all participants complete action plans that define how and when they will use this new information to change their business and life.
  4. Consider how to deliver your workshop. Are you going to use power point, lecture, videos, workbooks, handouts and other visual aids? What will you do before, during and after the workshop to engage your participants?
  5. Build in several opportunities for participants to be involved during the workshop. Adults learn through visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods. Building this into your workshop is a very important aspect of your workshop design.
  6. Develop a workshop revenue plan and marketing strategy for your workshop. You’ll need to know the number of people to break even, have a clear idea of your overhead, marketing and other indirect costs (like your time).
  7. Evaluate your workshop effectiveness and get testimonials. Follow up with clients to find out the impact of what they learned. Pay close attention to whether or not your clients achieved the workshop objectives that you set.
  8. Offer a follow up workshop to help participants deepen their understanding or take their learning to the next level.

Workshops can change your business in an amazing way. Imagine being able to do so much more in much less time, make more money and have a greater impact. Who wouldn’t want that?

I know that building and delivering a workshop can be overwhelming when you already have too much to do. No worries! I’m here to help you.

Here I am! Your 15 Year Workshop Veteran

I will be your cheerleader, supporter and coach as you begin your journey into designing, developing and delivering transformational workshops in your business. You will LOVE my easy step by step formulas, templates, experiential exercises and facilitation plans that I will share with you. You will be INSPIRED by the presentation and facilitation coaching that I will give you, and your CONFIDENCE will shoot through the roof when you successfully deliver your 1st workshop. 

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