Build a Group Coaching Program

What will your coaching program create?

How would you feel about receiving recurring revenue over a 3-12 month period? I thought so.

Group coaching programs are perfect for you and your clients when you have knowledge and expertise to share that would span a longer period of time. The best part is the IMPACT it can have on your business and the people that participate.

A coaching program can be a life changing service that you offer to your clients.

  • It provides more frequent and consistent support
  • Coaching can have fast and lasting positive change
  • It holds people accountable for actually doing something different that can help grow their business or change their life
  • It engages people in a process that other services just don’t do
  • It provides you with the ability to reach more people in less time
  • It allows you to develop a system that gets proven results and that continues to grow through word of mouth
  • It provides an additional stream of income that is recurring and not too difficult to manage
  • It puts you in a position of being the expert

The most important thing to focus on is developing a coaching program that makes a difference in people’s lives.

When I was in the weeds between emotion and business details, Tara’s coaching & events gave me the kick in the pants to focus and move forward with Go Purple Bus….seasonal eats.  It’s Tara’s combination of breaking things down into small bites along with confronting the real emotion of getting your business off the ground that make her special…. and very effective in her work.  – Connie Fisher


When designing your 1st group coaching program, planning and preparation is KEY. You must know what your clients are looking for, what they need from you over a period of time to close the gap between where they are today and where they want to be in the future.

As a helpful tool for you, I’ve provided my presentation and handouts on the 7 Massive Mistakes New Coaches Make When Building Their 1st Coaching Program (just click on the links below). I know you’ll find this information very valuable when building your 1st coaching program.

7 Massive Mistakes Presentation

Coaching Program Quick Start Template

Questions To Develop Program Goals

How to Develop a Resource List for Your Coaching Clients

I know that building long term coaching programs is stressful especially when you are worried about what you’ll cover week to week, what questions to ask, how to keep participants involved, engaged and taking action. No worries! I’m here to help you.

Here I am! Your 15 year veteran coach.

I will be your cheerleader, supporter and coach as you begin your journey into designing, developing and delivering transformational coaching programs in your business. You will LOVE my easy step by step coaching formulas, templates, coaching questions and program layout plans that I will share with you. You will be totally PSYCHED to deliver your 1st group coaching program and change people’s lives.

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