Tara PowersTara Powers, Your Group Program Expert

Some call her gutsy. Some say she’s “whip smart” and “entertaining as all get out.” Some have referred to her events as “the most fun you’ll ever have working on your business!”

And one person said, “Tara’s knowledge of leadership and how to grow a successful business is off the charts! She’s the only go-to person I ever need!”

Tara Powers, the founder of Tara Means Business and the “IRetreat”, is an experienced business strategist with over 12 years as a corporate consultant to Fortune 500 companies both nationally and internationally. She has mentored with Ali Brown as part of her exclusive Millionaire Protégé Club and has been a featured expert on The Real Mom TV Network.

For the past 15 years Tara has been working as a consultant, coach and facilitator with big names such as Crocs, Western Union, Virgin American Airlines, Aflac Insurance, Janus Capital Group, Key Equipment Finance and many more. Tara brings that knowledge and experience to small business owners helping them to identify, plan and implement group program strategies  that transform their mindset and their business.

Through her boots on the ground 90-Day Coaching and VIP programs, as well as her highly interactive and engaging workshops and events, Tara has helped hundreds of business owners shoot way past their goals both financially and personally designing new revenue streams through group programs and achieving a happy life, happy home. (We’ve heard there are some cheers involved and she isn’t beyond dressing for the part; but, if you want to get the whole truth you’ll have to ask her.)

Tara has also developed a totally unique 90-day acceleration process to help you grow your group program business as quickly as possible. (Tara will show you how it’s done and she’ll help you learn how to work smarter and not harder.)

Another strength of Tara’s is working with her clients to help them get clear on their vision and values and how to incorporate that into their group programs. Innovative, highly interactive, enthusiastic, energetic, thoughtful and down-to-earth are comments you’ll hear about Tara and her programs on a regular basis.

Tara has a M.S. in Organizational Leadership, a B.S. in Business Administration and has a Coaching Certificate through the American Society for Training and Development. She is a certified administrator of MBTI, DISC and various other assessment tools which she uses to help clients raise awareness levels, build stronger connections with customers and generate more sales.

Tara and her family live in Colorado and definitely take advantage of 300 days of sun each year! Tara is grateful and blessed to be able to do this work, enjoy the Colorado mountain lifestyle and spend valuable time with her two little girls Kyla and Fallon. Life is truly a gift!

“Tara’s business knowledge is unprecendented”

“Tara’s business knowledge is unprecedented. Whether she’s helping her small business clients learn how to make better, more informed decisions in order to increase profits, or working with her corporate clients to shift culture, improve communication or build team relationships, she is the best! Tara operates with integrity and transparency, and I know that when she promises something to me or to her clients, she delivers, promptly. She is an inspiration to women everywhere as she effectively balances her businesses and her personal life! I am truly honored to work with Tara and I look forward to many more years developing our already solid relationship. Thank you Tara for making my life rich in so many ways!”

~ Meghann Conter, Chief Social Media Officer | Social Media Consultant | Social Media ROE Expert, Your Social Source